Embrace Your Flaws

(Shirt from H&M, shorts from Next, shoes from Memorata CLN, pearls from Avon Accessories, hoop earrings from F21)
Photographed by Kimberly Anne Baylon

          Hi, everyone! How are you today? Feeling great? Feeling awesome? Feeling sexy? Feeling down? Feeling awkward? Or just the plain Feeling IDK? Well, this post is for everyone!
We all have our own flaws and imperfections, right? From the smallest mole to the biggest scar..
But who cares?! We are who we are and we don't need everyone's approval. :)

          I have freckles on my face, I get pimples sometimes, I have eyebags which grows their own eyebags too (hahaha), moles on my skin, big thighs from playing volleyball for years, thin eyelashes, wavy hair, and so much more. But what's wrong with that? hahaha
I love the way I am, every bit of it.:)

          With all my imperfections, I am still confident and happy. I'm feeling sexy and free! I love wearing shorts that flaunts my favorite part of my body, my legs, white shirt accessorized with pearls or statement necklaces, perfect winged eyes, and of course, Sky High Heels! See? Simple with a side of craziness. hahaha

So show off your imperfections and stop being someone you're not. Try to put out those contact lens and frowning face because you're already beautiful the way you are even with light makeup. :)



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