(Forever 21, So Fab)

          It's my birth month so it's still my birthday!(I'm claiming it!) And this is my month! Well actually everyone's month if you're born on March.:) I won't tell when my birthday is but you can check it on my Facebook and Instagram account for you to find out. Well enough with that.

You may be wondering my the title is "Forever TWENTY-ONE". Aside from my love of F21 clothes, this title also means something else. I am already 21 years old (Oh gosh! I can't believe it.. i don't like 21, right? More like 16.hahaha).
Being 21 is not that hard. Just having the pressure of graduating from college and finding that perfect job, and earning for yourself, and so on and so forth. OMG. But I do believe that this age is very crucial because it is where one decides for one's future. Do you agree with me? Yah..:)

But the real meaning of the title is that I'll "always" (but not forever) feel 21 inside and out. I would want to always look young, feel young, stay young, act young (not IMMATURE), and be fresh. Being young takes effort but development does require more work. Growing and developing is different from maturing. :)

Well, that's it for now. Keep updated for my next entry!


How did/will you feel when you turned/turn 21? Share your thoughts below and I'd be very happy to read all about 'em!



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