Dark Times

Forever 21 | Primadonna | Maybelline New York
Photography by Kim Baylon

Yah, I know what you're thinking. I know my entry today's a bit dark (or even Darker). If you know me, you'll say that this is not me because I'm always smiling in my posts, always bubbly, laughing, and just about anything light and happy. But if you really know me well, you'll figure out why I'm like this. Ever felt, even once in your life, like the whole world's against you? Problems, trials, school, work, haters, responsibilities, time, fate, health, etc.
How does it feel feeling all of those? Some might just explode and...Oblivion. But not me. I was born not a fighter but to be a fighter. There will be times that life will exhaust and wear you out but you should never give in. People will give you a tough time but who are they to dictate you and tell you who you are, right? Just be you. I know it's hard but just be you. You can never please everyone. Hate your job? Think of the thousands of people who wish they have one or are looking for one. Tired to go to school? Look at those street children hoping to enter a class. Hate having a lot of time and doing nothing? Think of those who are fihting just to live one more day. Problems and trials? Don't think about them because they'll never go out of stock. Issues on shortage of love life? Don't find it. It'll come at the right time.

You may have lost the battle today but you will win the war.

Just enjoy what you have and be thankful for that! It's not everyday you're given that opportunity. 
Want to be heard? Speak.
Want to be seen? Appear.
Want to be respected? Respect.
Want to be successful? Strive harder.
Want to be happy? Smile.
Want to be loved? Love.
Want to be blessed? Pray.



Discover the Inner You in You!
Be fab!

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